Dac Delac 2022-2023 Meetings
Dac Delac 2022 2023 Meeting

District Advisory Council/District English Learner Advisory Committee (DAC/DELAC)

  • Spring Parent Virtual Workshop - Keep Learning Going: Math and Science - English
  • 3 Strategies to Increase Parent Engagement at Your School: Click Video
    English / Spanish

  • Spring Parent Workshop: "Hurting People, Hurt People. Let's Heal Together." Hurt, Healing, and Hope - English

  • Parent Leadership Series, Module 4 - English / Spanish

             How to Be a Super Communicator and Problem Solver: Click Video

          How to Make Robert's Rules of Order Work for You: Click Video

              How to Have Effective, Efficient Meetings: Click Video

  • DAC/DELAC By-Laws Attachments - English / Spanish
  • Multilingual English Learner Master Plan  English

  • Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences Brochure in English and Spanish

District Advisory Committee (DAC)

The District Advisory Council for Compensatory Education (DAC) is a District-level committee made up of parents, staff and community leaders who advise the Board of Education and District staff on behalf of Title I compensatory education program participants. Title I is a federally funded program that addresses the academic needs of under-performing students. Each school site annually elects one parent representative and a parent alternate to vote if the representative is absent. DAC provides communication, information, and training for School Site Councils. Presently, there are 25 schools with schoolwide Title I programs in the District.

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

DELAC is made up of representatives from each school's English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), a school-based committee required if there are more than 21 English Learners at that school. The Committee's role is to advise the District on programs and services for English Learner students. For more information, contact your school principal or ELAC chair.

2022-2023 DAC/DELAC Meeting Schedule:

To download the 2022-2023 meeting schedule, please click here.

The 2022-2023 DAC/DELAC Regular Meetings are held at the Education Service and Support Center in Conference Room "C" from 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Education Service and Support Center
84 East "J" St
Chula Vista, CA 91910

2022-2023 Executive Board Members

District Advisory Council (DAC)

  • Chairperson - Tiffany Gonzalez (Sunnyside) 
    DAC Chairperson Email
  • Vice-Chairperson - Luis G. Chavez (Muraoka)
  • Past Chairperson - Matthew Baker (Tiffany)
  • Board Member - Sara Stanford (Tiffany)

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

  • Chairperson - Carmen Vega (Olympic View)
    DELAC Chairperson Email
  • Vice-Chairperson - Priscilla Miller (Sunnyside)
  • Past-Chairperson - Dr. Pedro Carrillo (Sunnyside)
  • Board Member - Jennifer Clemente (Marshall)

2021 - 22 School Year

Date Agenda Minutes Presentation Video
 08/24/21  English/Spanish  06/08/21 English/Spanish ESSER III  English/Spanish   Recording 
 05/11/21 English/Spanish Parent Leadership English/Spanish
September/October 2021 Parent Resource Calendar English
Bolt Up! Energy Station Flyer English/Spanish
10/12/21 English/Spanish 08/24/21 English/Spanish Reclassification English/Spanish
MTSS Mental Health Plan English/Spanish
 11/16/21 English/Spanish 10/12/21 English/Spanish Annual Parent Notification English/Spanish
Initial Parent Notification English/Spanish
DELAC Needs Assessment Results English/Spanish
English Learner Program Goals and Services English/Spanish
01/14/22 English 11/19/21 English



11/16/21 English/Spanish

VAPA Presentation


02/15/22 English/Spanish 01/25/22 English/Spanish Teacher and Teacher Aide Requirements English/Spanish
Consolidated Application English/Spanish
ELPAC English/Spanish
03/08/22 English/Spanish 02/15/22 English/Spanish   LCAP   English/Spanish      
        B-LAC Presentation   English/Spanish       
        Executive Board Presentation   English/Spanish      
        Executive Board Elections Flyer   English/Spanish      
        Naval Base SD School Liaison    English/Spanish      
        CVESD Announcements   English      
03/11/22  English/Spanish
02/25/22 English/Spanish              
04/08/22 English 03/11/22 English              
04/19/22 English/Spanish 03/08/22 English/Spanish              
04/22/22 English 04/08/22 English              
05/17/22 English/Spanish 04/19/22 English/Spanish   LCAP Update 2021-22   English/Spanish      
        Multilingual English Learner (MEL) Master Plan PPT   English/Spanish      
        MEL Parent Engagement   English/Spanish      
05/20/22 English 04/22/22 English              

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