ESignature Disclosure

The legal definition of electronic signatures was established in the US Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act of 2000. Similarly, the State of California adopted the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) in 1999, which became effective in 2000. In both cases, where parties agree to do business electronically and demonstrate an "intent to sign," the result is as legal and binding as a traditional wet signature.

Types of Signature:

  1. An electronic signature is an electronic sound (e.g., audio files of a person's voice), symbol (e.g., a graphic representation of a person in JPEG file), or process (e.g., a procedure that conveys assent), attached to or logically associated with a record, and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.
  2. A digital signature is a specific type of electronic signature that uses cryptographic transformation of data to provide authenticity, message integrity, and non-repudiation. For a digital signature to be valid, it must be created by a technology accepted for use by the State of California and conform to technologies capable of creating digital signatures as set forth in California Government Code Section 16.5:
    • It is unique to the person using it.
    • It is capable of verification.
    • It is under the sole control of the person using it.
    • It is linked to data in such a manner that if the data are changed, the digital signature is invalidated.
    • It conforms to Title 2, Division 7, Chapter 10, of the California Code of Regulations.

Your Rights

Paper versions of all district forms are available. You may request a paper version of an electronic document by contacting the appropriate department. Contact your neighborhood school to request a paper copy version of an electronic document.

Right to Withdraw Electronic Signature

As with physical documents, a parent/guardian has the right to withdraw their signature or consent on forms that include an electronic signature. To withdraw your consent, please get in touch with your neighborhood school.

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