COVID-19 Current District Procedures

Current District Procedures

COVID-19 Current District Procedures

Updated March 10, 2020

  1. All children and staff members with respiratory infection symptoms or fever (>100 F / >37.8 C) should remain home (from school and other activities) until they had no fever for 24 hours, without fever medication and respiratory symptoms are gone. If respiratory symptoms are not completely gone but they are improving and one week has passed since onset of illness, the student can return to school.
  2. Students and staff members who present at school with fever and/or symptoms of a respiratory infection will be sent home.
    • Students who typically have coughs from underlying, known diseases (like asthma, allergies) may remain if there is no new symptom.
    • Until the person leaves school, we may place a surgical mask on that student or staff member if available and if tolerated.
    • If possible, we will keep that person isolated (students must still be visible and supervised by a staff member); otherwise we will keep a 3 to 6 foot distance between that student (or staff member) and others.
    • Persons excluded from school or work for fever may return to school when; (a) they have been free of fever for at least 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medications). In addition, (b) all respiratory symptoms must be fully resolved OR seven days have passed since the onset of symptoms and the individual’s symptoms have been improving (whichever is earlier).
    • Persons excluded from school or work for respiratory symptoms and who have not developed a fever may return to school when (a) all respiratory symptoms are fully resolved or (b) seven days have passed since the onset of symptoms and the individual’s symptoms have been improving (whichever is earlier).

  3. Students and staff members who have a travel history over the course of the last 14 days to an area identified by the CDC as Level 3 or Level 2 Travel Health Notice will be excluded. This list can be found at:
    • These individuals will be excluded from school for 14 days, beginning the day they departed that country.
    • Schools will work to find methods to provide educational support for students who are at home for these weeks, so that they do not fall behind. These students or staff members should stay at home and limit contact with anyone outside the home.

  4. Healthy members of a household who did not travel, but where someone else from that household returned from CDC Level 3 country ( are not required to stay away from school as long as all members of that household are healthy (i.e., no new respiratory symptoms and no fever).
  5. Students and staff members who have visited one of these countries within the past two weeks should be advised to call their doctors for instructions if they have fever or symptoms of respiratory infection.
  6. Students should not be excluded from school or any school activities based on race or country of origin.
  7. A student or staff member who has been in close contact with a person with a laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 over past two weeks will be excluded from school until cleared by the local public health department.
  8. If any student or staff member at school is suspected to have the virus (i.e., becomes a County Health Department “patient under investigation”; or “PUI”) for COVID-19, the school district will work with public health authorities who will collaborate with that student’s or staff member’s own physician to guide further restrictions and public notifications.
  9. As a reminder, all student and staff health information is confidential and cannot be shared with other students or with school site staff. Confidential health information can be shared only with School District health team leaders and with the County Public Health Department.
  10. When confirmed COVID-19 cases are reported to school officials (confirmed cases of students, school employees or their household contacts), the school site should assign one person to notify the District’s Emergency Preparedness & Security Manager.
  11. Any disease notification letters sent from school to the general school community will always be cleared first with the District Director of Communications and Community Development and be done in consultation with the Public Health Department.
  12. We will continue to follow guidelines provided by:
    • Centers for Disease Control
    • California Department of Public Health
    • California Department of Education
    • San Diego County Health and Human Services Department
    • San Diego County Office of Education
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