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About Our Schools

District Schools

Invest in your child's future by enrolling them at an award winning Chula Vista Elementary School.  A view of all schools along with their websites and contact information is listed below. Additional resources are as follows:

  • View the Printer Friendly School Listing if you'd prefer a printable page.
  • View the Location Map to find out the general location for all of our schools.
  • View the Street Directory to find the school your child will most likely attend:    
2013-2014 School Year Street Directory


SchoolAddressPhone Principal
4300 Allen School Road
Bonita, CA  91902
619-479-3662Toni FaddisWeb SiteMap Location
Arroyo Vista Charter
2491 School House Road
Chula Vista, CA  91915
619-656-9676Patricia RothWeb SiteMap Location
Camarena, Enrique S.
1650 Exploration Falls Drive
Chula Vista, CA   91915
619-591-5500Dr. Daniel WintersWeb SiteMap Location
1130 East J St
Chula Vista, CA 91910
619-421-7555Emiko NakamuraWeb SiteMap Location
Castle Park
25 Emerson Street
Chula Vista, CA 91911
619-422-5301Alicia MorenoWeb SiteMap Location
Chula Vista Hills
980 Buena Vista Way
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-482-7066Jacob RuthWeb SiteMap Location
Chula Vista Learning Community Charter
590 K Street
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-426-2885Dr. Jorge RamirezWeb SiteMap Location
Clear View
455 Windrose Way
Chula Vista
619-498-3000Christopher CarrollWeb SiteMap Location
Cook, Hazel Goes
875 Cuyamaca Ave.
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-422-8381Gabriela LlamasWeb SiteMap Location
Daly Academy
4300 Allen School Lane
Bonita, CA 91902
619-479-3665Yesenia BarnardWeb SiteMap Location
Discovery Charter
1100 Camino Biscay
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-656-0797Patricia MarucaWeb SiteMap Location
1955 Hillside Drive
Chula Vista, CA   91913
619-421-4798Dr. Eric BanataoWeb SiteMap Location
Feaster Charter
670 Flower Street
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-422-8397Francisco VelascoWeb SiteMap Location
Finney, Myrtle S.
3950 Byrd Street
San Diego, CA   92154
619-690-1334Olivia Amador-ValerioWeb SiteMap Location
Gardner Charter (Howard Gardner)
647 E St
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-934-0300Shannon RichardsonWeb SiteMap Location
475 East J Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910
619-421-0771Shayne WilsonWeb SiteMap Location
681 Naples Street
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-422-8369Marcus JacksonWeb SiteMap Location
Hedenkamp, Anne & William
930 East Palomar
Chula Vista, CA 91913
619-397-5828Richard HanksWeb SiteMap Location
1450 Santa Lucia Road
Chula Vista, CA   91913
619-421-7080Erin DareWeb SiteMap Location
Hilltop Drive
30 Murray Street
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-422-8323Lisa ParkerWeb SiteMap Location
849 Twining Avenue
San Diego, CA   92154
619-690-9222Jill Roth-TellierWeb SiteMap Location
Kellogg, Karl H.
229 East Naples Street
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-420-4151Sylvia EcheverriaWeb SiteMap Location
Lauderbach, J Calvin
390 Palomar Street
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-422-1127Alex CortesWeb SiteMap Location
Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter School
229 East Naples St
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-420-0066Amber Goslee, Executive Director/PrincipalWeb SiteMap Location
2175 Proctor Valley Road
Chula Vista, CA   91914
619-397-5225Santos GonzalezWeb SiteMap Location
Loma Verde
1450 Loma Lane
Chula Vista, CA    91911
619-420-3940Jane ClarkWeb SiteMap Location
Los Altos
1332 Kenalan Drive
San Diego, CA   92154
619-690-5880Dei RomeroWeb SiteMap Location
Marshall, Thurgood
2295 MacKenzie Creek Road
Chula Vista, CA   91914
619-656-6252Scott WoodwardWeb SiteMap Location
McMillin, Corky
1201 Santa Cora Avenue
Chula Vista, CA   91913
619-397-0103Jorge MoraWeb SiteMap Location
Montgomery, John J
1601 Fourth Avenue
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-422-6131Monica RuizWeb SiteMap Location
Mueller Charter
715 I Street
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-422-6192Kevin Riley, Exec Director / Maureen DeLuca, PrincipalWeb SiteMap Location
Olympic View
1220 South Greensview Drive
Chula Vista, CA 91915
619-656-2030Gloria McKearneyWeb SiteMap Location
1651 Albany Avenue
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-425-4311Rosario VillarealWeb SiteMap Location
300 East Palomar Street
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-420-0134Erika TaylorWeb SiteMap Location
575 Juniper Street
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-421-5483Mathew ShyWeb SiteMap Location
Rice, Lilian J
915 Fourth AV
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-420-7071Ernesto VillanuevaWeb SiteMap Location
510 East Naples
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-656-2082Sherrie Stogsdill-PoseyWeb SiteMap Location
Rohr, Fred H
1540 Malta Avenue
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-420-5533Rosalba PonceWeb SiteMap Location
80 Flower Street
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-422-8329Chris VickersWeb SiteMap Location
Salt Creek
1055 Hunte Parkway
Chula Vista, CA   91914
619-397-5494Lalaine PerezWeb SiteMap Location
Silver Wing
3730 Arey Drive
San Diego, CA   92154
619-423-3950Ruth Díaz de LeónWeb SiteMap Location
5430 San Miguel Road
Bonita, CA   91902
619-479-0571Dawn MinutelliWeb SiteMap Location
Tiffany, Burton C
1691 Elmhurst Street
Chula Vista, CA   91913
619-421-6300Joel TapiaWeb SiteMap Location
Valle Lindo
1515 Oleander Avenue
Chula Vista, CA   91911
619-421-5151M. Theresa CoronaWeb SiteMap Location
Valley Vista
3724 Valley Vista Way
Bonita, CA   91902
619-479-7171Carmen EmeryWeb SiteMap Location
1550 Magdalena Avenue
Chula Vista, CA   91913
619-216-1226Froylan VillanuevaWeb SiteMap Location
Vista Square
540 G Street
Chula Vista, CA   91910
619-422-8374Anateresa WoodWeb SiteMap Location
Wolf Canyon
1950 Wolf Canyon Loop
Chula Vista, CA   91913
619-482-8877Debra McLarenWeb SiteMap Location
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