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Encouraging Parent Involvement

A child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school, family, and the community during the entire period the child is in elementary school. Parental involvement at the school level is the key to enhancing a child’s education. Parents are encouraged to participate by joining the PTA, Parent, or Booster Club, volunteering at school, attending parenting classes, and/or serving on school and District committees. Contact the principal about ways you can become involved.

Organizations for Parent Participation

  • Preschool Parent Advisory Committee:  The State Preschool has a Parent Advisory Council.  This committee is involved in planning, developing, and evaluating the educational program for the preschool students.  Preschool parents who would like to participate on this committee are invited to contact their child’s teacher, or the Preschool Office at 425-2362.  All parents are welcome to attend meetings.  Complete information regarding this committee will be sent home during the first month of school.

  • Parent Organizations: Parent Teacher Associations and parent organizations are active at schools across the District. These groups work to help enhance the education of students. Booster Clubs are adult organizations formed by parents to support a particular educational program at a school.

  • School Site Council(SSC)/Single Plan For Student Achievement: School Site Councils are comprised of parents, community members, teachers, the principal, and other school personnel. This Council develops, implements, and continually monitors and evaluates the Single Plan for Student Achievement, a documented plan of action to raise the academic performance of students and improve the school’s education program. The SSC is directly involved with staff development planning. The principal can provide information about your School Site Council and Single Plan for Student Achievement.

  • Charter School Governance: Charter Schools have their own governance structures that provide opportunities for parents to participate in policy making at the local school site level.

  • District Advisory Council (DAC): The DAC is composed of parent and staff representatives from each School Site Council. It meets regularly during the school year in open public forum to share information, study instructional issues, approve school planning schedules, and make recommendations to the Board of Education on specific items. Contact your school or call 425-9600, ext. 1501, for information about the DAC.

  • District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC): The DELAC is comprised of parents, teachers, principals, and instructional assistants representing English Learners. This Committee meets regularly to share information as well as to study issues and concerns related to the instruction provided to English Learners. Parents of English Learners play a strong role in these meetings. For information about this committee, contact your school or call 425-9600, ext. 1520. 

  • Volunteers: Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in schools to serve on the School Site Council, District Advisory Council, District and site level English Learner Advisory Committees, and to assist in classrooms, library, or school office. All volunteers at a school site who are in contact with students must have a tuberculin (TB) test prior to their starting date and every four years thereafter. Check with your school as to the location and dates of free TB skin test clinics. TB test results are kept on file at the school site. California Education Code also requires volunteers to affirm that they are not a registered sex offender per Penal Code §290.

  • Fundraising Activities: Schools, PTAs, Parent Clubs, and Booster Clubs may have fundraising activities to provide money for additional field trips, equipment, or other school needs. Participation in fundraising activities and donating toward them is strictly voluntary. Students shall not be made to feel uncomfortable about providing funds, goods, or services. Students shall not be excluded from an activity for not participating in fundraising/solicitations.
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