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District Advisory Committee

District English Learner Advisory Committee

District Advisory Committee (DAC)

The District Advisory Council for Compensatory Education (DAC) is a District-level committee made up of parents, staff and community leaders who advise the Board of Education and District staff on behalf of Title I compensatory education program participants. Title I is a federally funded program that addresses the academic needs of under-performing students. Each school site annually elects one parent representative and a parent alternate to vote if the representative is absent. DAC provides communication, information and training for School Site Councils. Presently, there are 25 schools with schoolwide Title I programs in the District.

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

DELAC is made up of representative from each school's English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), a school-based committee required if there are more than 21 English Learners at that school.  The Committee's role is to advise the district on programs and services for English Learner students.  For more information, contact your school principal or ELAC chair. 

DAC/DELAC Meetings  

All DAC/DELAC Meetings are held at:

Education Service and Support Center (Room C)
84 East J St
Chula Vista, CA   91910

 2014-2015 Meeting Schedule       2015-2016 Meeting Schedule


11:00-11:45 a.m.

August 11, 2015 English & Spanish  English & Spanish Parent Tools and Resources Binder
Carpeta de recursos para los padres
September 8, 2015 English & Spanish English & Spanish Advanced Training for Parents
Capacitación avanzada para padres
October 20, 2015     English & Spanish English & Spanish Special Ed. Presentation/ Educación Especial
English & Spanish
Positive Discipline for your Child
Disciplina positive para su niño
(Presenter/Expositor: Larry Alvarado)
November 17, 2015 English & Spanish English & Spanish How to help your child with mathematics:
English & Spanish

Instructional Options Programs:
English & Spanish
Questions and Answers on English Learners
Preguntas y respuesta sobre los aprendices de inglés
January 26, 2016                English & Spanish

Pending approval  

Robert's Rules of Order
English & Spanish

Parent Engagement and Volunteering
English & Spanish
Visual and Performance Arts
(Lauren Whitney-Shelton)   
February 23, 2016                     English & Spanish

Pending approval

Relassification To Fluent English Proficient

"Thoughtexchange Process" survey
Ernesto Villanueva, Executive Director

March 8, 2016 English & Spanish Pending approval Local Control & Accountability Plan
English & Spanish
Larry Alvarado, Consultant
April 19,2016 English & Spanish     Pending approval Language Census
English & Spanish
EL Master Plan
English & Spanish
How to Support Your Child During CAASPP Testing
Angela Rosendale-Coordinator
2014-2015 MEETING DATES AGENDA                 MINUTES


August 12, 2014 English & Spanish

English / Spanish

September 9, 2014 English  & Spanish

English / Spanish

October 21, 2014 English & Spanish English/Spanish
November 18,2014 English & Spanish English/Spanish
January 27, 2015 English & Spanish English/Spanish
February 24, 2015 English &Spanish English/Spanish
March 10, 2015     English & Spanish English/Spanish
April 8, 2015 English & Spanish English/Spanish
April 21, 2015 English & Spanish English/Spanish
May 19, 2015 English & Spanish English/Spanish
June 5, 2015 CARS Minutes    


2015-16 Executive Board Members
DAC Chair - Lourdes Araiza (CVLCC)
DAC Vice-Chair -Malia Holleron (Juarez Lincoln)
DAC Past Chair - Jessica Carreron (Wolf Canyon)
DAC Parliamentarian - Angelia Huff-Tunstall (Heritage) 

DELAC Chair - Marcos Lopez, (Loma Verde)
DELAC Vice-Chair - Sofia Diaz (CVLCC & Los altos)
DELAC Past Chair - Lydia Woody (Harborside)
DELAC Parliamentarian - Mara Ruiz (Tiffanny)

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