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DISTRICT :: Students Progressively More Overweight and Obese

District Works to Reduce High Rate of Obese and Overweight Students

Health and Wellness Call to Action: Next Steps

In January 2011, CVESD staff presented the results of a landmark Height & Weight Surveillance Project that measured more than 25,000 students. The results revealed that almost 40% of K-6th grade students are at an unhealthy weight (overweight and/or obese) for their age and gender.

On October 25th CVESD staff presented "Growing Healthy Children: Next Steps" at the District Advisory Council/District English Learner Advisory Committee meeting. The hour-long presentation addressed and modeled systemic "next steps" and how they will be implemented at the district, school and/or classroom levels. View the
Powerpoint-PDF to see our plan of action.

In May 2012, the Board of Education approved revisions to the District's Wellness Policy. Learn more about the new CVESD Board Policy 5030 here.

Learn More: KPBS News has developed a comprehensive series of reports about the juvenile health crisis, and the Chula Vista Elementary School District's response to alarming rates of obesity and diabetes at all grade levels. Lilian J. Rice Elementary's health and wellness fair in May 2012 was part of that system-wide response. Hear an audio report, view a television news clip or read more at KPBS News:

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District Works with Parents and Community to Reduce High Rate of Obese and Overweight Students

Plan of action highlights include:

  • Child Nutrition Services: Improve the quality of service and healthy food choices.
  • Nutrition Education:
      1. Students: Integrate nutrition and healthy messages into existing curricular subject areas
      2. Staff, Parent & Community: provide better parent communication, resources, and access to nutritional information
  • Physical Education/Physical Activities (PE/PA): Increase the quantity of physical activity throughout the school day and quality of physical education instruction.
  • District Wellness Policy: Add, revise, and/or strengthen existing wellness policy language to improve understanding, implementation and compliance.

Among the key findings of the 2011 Height and Weight Surveillance Project:

•By the time they enter first grade, almost half of Chula Vista Elementary girls are overweight .
•By sixth grade, 1 of every 2 girls are overweight and 1 of every 4 girls are obese.

•By the time they enter first grade, more than 1 out of 3 Chula Vista Elementary boys are overweight .
•By sixth grade, 1 of every 2 boys are overweight and 1 of every 4 boys are obese.

Learn more about what the schools are doing to improve student health and wellness--and what students, and parents can do to help. Visit the District's
wellness website

Archived document: The
PowerPoint handout from the January 25, 2011 DAC/DELAC meeting about 'Growing Healthy Children: A Chula Vista Elementary School District Update.'  










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