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DISTRICT :: Discovery Center Receives Port Funds for CVESD Programs

Living Coast Discovery Center


Coastal Education Programs

The Chula VIsta Elementary School District funds a full-time Science Resource Teacher, Karen Quiros, who works closely with the Living Coast Discovery Center staff to provide K-8 Coastal Education Programs at the Living Coast Discovery Center, which are integrated in the Science and Social Studies curricula.Chula VIsta Elementary School District funds a full-time Science Resource Teacher, Karen Quiros, who works closely with the Living Coast Discovery Center staff to provide K-8 Coastal Education Programs at the Living Coast Discovery Center, which are integrated in the Science and Social Studies curricula.

There are 17+ different programs available for grades Kindergarten- 8th. For programs and descriptions please click here.

If you are a CVESD teacher and would like to schedule a study trip to the Discover Center, please call Karen Quiros at (619) 476-7836 or e-mail her at  In your message, please include your name, contact information, and the program you are interested in.


To register a class from August 4, 2014- January 23rd, 2015 please contact Karen via the contact information given below during the registration session between July 21st and August 1st.
Please give your contact information, the program you are interested in and some potential dates.
  Registration is taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Two registration sessions and three Open Houses will be offered this year, one in the beginning of the school year, one in September and one before Winter Break.  At the Open Houses teachers can priority register their classes , learn more about the programs offered and potentially win
free transportation to the program.Open House Dates for 2014-2015 school year are: Wednesday July 30th, 3-5pm, Tuesday September 9th, 3-5pm and Tuesday November 18th, 3-5pm.  If interested in scheduling a class between January 26th- June 5th, 2015 please contact Karen during the Winter/Spring Registration Session between November 17th-21st, 2014. For more information about the registration process please click here.


Teachers - Get your Registration Packet here!

$37,250 Additional Funding for Transportation Costs from the United Port of San Diego
Following a very successful period of funding from the Port of San Diego the Port's Environmental Committe has a awarded another 3 years of funding that will allow students to have access to a Coastal Education Program. The largest obstacle for teachers planning a study trip is the high cost of transportation.  The funding from the Port eliminates this obstacle and allows equal access for all students in the CVESD to participate in this highly valuable experience. Thank you United Port of San Diego!

5,400 CVESD students visit the Discovery Center with Unified Port of San Diego Environmental Funding

In 2009 the Chula Vista Elementary School District’s Coastal Education Program located at the Chula Vista Nature Center was awarded $23,250 by the San Diego Unified Port’s Environmental Services Program to provide transportation for students over a three year period. The funding was extended for an extra year so over the past four years the Port's Environmental Services Program funding has allowed over 5,400 students from 220 classes from the CVESD to take a study trip to the Discovery Center.  When these students visited the Center they were able to touch crabs and snakes, catch insects, use magnifying glasses, binoculars and microscopes, hike on the trails looking for animals and evidence of animals, see a bald eagle, sea turtles, sharks and stingrays face to face, restore the upland habitat with native plants, collect and view plankton and gain a new respect for the coastal flora and fauna. Many times these students formed an emotional attachment with the creatures they were observing or touching and were horrified to see the beach, their new favorite animal’s habitat, littered with trash.  The knowledge these students gain during their trip to the Discovery Center moves them to care and take part in activities that benefit the health of the San Diego Bay.  Each year the Coastal Education Program is able to serve about 5,000 CVESD students and over the past four years the Port has been able to fund 26% of the total students coming on a study trip to a Coastal Education Program at the Living Coast Discovery Center. Thank you San Diego Unified Port District!























About the Chula Vista Elementary School District

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is the largest K-6 grade district in the state, serving more than 28,000 students at 45 schools.  Since 1987, CVESD has funded a full-time Science Resource Teacher who is co-located at the Discovery Center to provide a K-6 coastal education program fully integrated into the elementary education science curriculum through hands-on experiences supported by classroom lessons. Students get to collect and view plankton, touch crabs and snakes, hike to find native plants and animals and much more! For more information please call (619) 476-7836 or look us up on the web at

About the Living Coast Discovery Center 

The Living Coast Discovery Center has been an important community asset for more than 25 years in San Diego’s South Bay. After the City of Chula Vista’s severe budget cuts, this unique treasure recently transitioned successfully into its own independent nonprofit organization.  

 The Discovery Center is providing exciting new programs, exhibits and guest opportunities. Day camps are now offered in conjunction with local school calendared breaks.  The camps provide an affordable fun, hands-on educational experience for local families. In addition to these fun day camps, the Discovery Center is also offering a new Overnight Adventures program for families, scouts and other groups. 

The Living Coast Discovery Center is truly a regional gem that continues to provide a world-class museum with hands-on exhibits and live animal encounters while promoting coastal resource conservation and environmental stewardship through education.

What's New at the Living Coast Discovery Center?

Seasonal Day Camps!  Time to go wild at the Discovery Center for kids ages 4-12!  Enroll now at
Overnight Adventures!  After a full evening of fun activities, we will snuggle down in our sleeping bags for a movie and cozy indoor camping in the Discovery Center's auditorium.  Don't miss an evening of discovery and fun!  For information on Overnight Camps, click here.









































































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