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DISTRICT :: Budget Update

Budget Update

Budget Update

2012-13 INFORMATION: The District did not need to issue layoff notices to tenured classroom teachers.

Beginning in the 2012-13 school year, the District restored two instructional days to the student calendar, plus 3 and 1/2 days of teacher preparation time. This means students now have a 180-day school year. However, the District did need to raise the student-to-teacher ratio in grades K-3 to 25:1. The Governor's tax hike for schools, Proposition 30, was approved 54% of California's voters. For K-12 and community college districts, Prop 30's passage provides some welcome stability. While this measure does not create new revenue for us this school year, it does decrease the depth of cuts, which would have adversely impacted daily instruction and support for our classrooms. In CVESD, instead of having to make $14 million in cuts in the current fiscal year, our District will now only face a $4 million budget deficit.

Archived information:
The Superintendent's May 5, 2011 budget update March 23, 2011 budget update in English and Spanish. The January 28, 2011 message to parents/guardians and staff also is available in English or Spanish.

Budget Updates - Sobre el presupuesto
1. We have some hard deadlines that we must meet.
a. California Education Code Sections 44949 and 44955 require that the District issue layoff notices to teachers by March 15 if there is possible loss of employment in the following school year.
b. In recent years, the state failed to adopt its budget before the June 30 date when our District budget must be approved.  The state often delays its budget decisions until July, August, and even September.  Our District budget must be prepared and approved before June 30–often before the state has determined its final cuts.
To view archived budget communications, please see documents below.

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